Notary Services

Do you need a Notary Public?

We always have a notary on duty. Anyone who is having their signature notarized needs to be present and bring a valid government issued ID along with them.

If paperwork requires witnesses, we are able to provide up to 2 people.

We are able to travel within a 5 mile radius of our business location to perform notary services. Call for more information.

Why would you need a notary? | Notary Services | CNS Licensing Center

Why would you need a Notary?

You may need a notary public for a lot of reasons. Please reference the list below for all of the Notary services we offer.

Notary Services

Driver, Vehicle, and Notary Services

If you are ready to get started or would just like more information about driver licensing, vehicle services, or notary services, please fill out the form below.  We are here to help and answer any questions.